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dBatons offers custom made conducting batons of the finest hardwoods and acrylics with either birch or fiberglass shafts. They are balanced to have a comfortable feel in the conductor's hand and are finished to a glossy or satin durable finish.

My name is Dennis Benson. Living in Willmar, MN I have spent much of my life conducting bands, choirs, orchestras, and pit orchestras. I've used many types and styles of batons during that time but now have decided to concentrate on making outstanding, beautiful batons that are a joy to use.

I love my beautiful, new custom made baton; this is the first baton
that truly feels natural in my hand and that I'm comfortable using.
Thank you, Dennis!
Michelle, Orchestra Director

This baton is the best one I've ever used. I love it. I'm planning to order another. There's no comparison to any other store bought baton. David, Band Director

Custom Order!!

Contact me if you need a special order baton or check out the available batons in the store.

If you live around Willmar we could meet at LuLu Beans Coffee House where I could show you some finished batons.

I recently had a request for a patriotic baton. I used different acrylics to make the handle and fiber glass for the tapered shaft. I liked the idea so much I have made one for me to use at my summer band concerts.